The development of multi cored cyclones

From: Weatherlawyer (weathe...)

I work with Met Office charts but the Met still hasn't released today's. But it has allowed me time to think:

The fake weather send it lows in the wrong direction because they dustify the Atlantic Ocean from submarines? drones? aircraft? maybe even satellites. I have no idea but satellites would explain the falling stars as well as bible prophecy.

The heating/energy or whatever... follows what it is made to do they create low temperature steam that just expands. Yesterday's Low under Iceland moved North while a secondary eye/core drifted east.

What the angels do undisturbed by morons is heat the ocean surface with sunlight which causes the water to follow the sun and the Gulf stream. Any fake weather generated has to separate and go its own way as simple fluid mechanics does. The murderers doing it, haven't cottonrf on that their fingerprints are all over it

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