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> > First off Mr Jones only applies his stuff to America. Empires were wrought by Nimrod soon after the Noah-Flood as Canaan and satan began to weave their plan to do what they can in time for Armageddon
> >
> > This is because of the prophecy: Cursed be Canaan. That is somewhat misleading as this prophecy was about the survivors of Armageddon and the cursed were as yet unborn.
> >
> > We intend the curse to be for ever but we are not god. As far as I can tell banksters enjoy their work despite the fact the best work Jehovah intended Adam to do is producing Edenic Gardens. How many of them would he build in a thousand years with god's blessing?
> >
> > One continuous one by now, I think. So where would he be going next week?
> This brainwaving thing...
> Have you ever seen the film [fmovies Scopers?]
> SCOPERS (2011) - On DVD from 14th April 2014 | Horror Cult ...
> It isn't an horror, it is the way the C_A sees some of us. We have never used the holy spirit in front of god's enemies... think about that.
> Watch it again. I can't do mind melding but I can use the holy spirit to metaphysically walk on water. So can you.
> The CIA breaks minds like that man who killed a family recently looking for kidnappers. There is no way the servants of demons know how god is operating. How can they, they were locked in the pit they think is the stone that is growing for them to rule the world with. Idiots.
> Grow strong and clean your decks by apologising for everything you have ever done wrong, one day at a time. You can start using the morning star all day straight away, until the daystar rises personally for you.
> See where the CIA and CCP are going wrong and protect ourselves from them.. Use god's Holy Spirit:
> Please Jehovah guide us all the time to you and especially help the ones you want right now to find you, right now with the exact help for them that your son wants them to have, right now.
> Thank you.

Next is about the best CGI you'll see in a few years. The only problem is we can't see the future nor can the angels. Any angels. The deep state think they can because they trust satan. These people really are Really Stupid. Nothing we can do for them they need a thousand years for their great reset..

Their problem is they can work the system and do, with satanic help and thus think slight of hand is truth. How good can angels be with angelic tricks; leading Emperors astray day by day over the centuries. We know they are "death in the pot". The clintons still think they are gold. So did Nebuchadnezzar and look what happened to him.

The film was a present to the President so that he will know what to do before they do it. I want to try to understand what the deep state was telling us with such fiction and why. The pot of the film followed closely the effort to blow up the realm from their place in Hawaii as they watched everyone die. Nothing else explains why the film was made.

OK, now we are all up to date. Sorry I am a slow learner. Yes I can forecast eruptions, so can they!
That is because they can create them and do. The have told me they can. For some reason they don't mind me telling you. So, now what?

Watch another film?
I liked shooter, is there still time?

Worldwide Volcano News and Updates
latest (Sep 2021) ... | Jan 2006 | Nov-Dec 2005 | | Aug-Oct 2005 | Jun-Jul 2005 | May 2005 | archive
Etna volcano, Italy: increasing seismic activity
Sun, 30 Oct 2005, 12:36
As the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reports, an increased number of small to medium earthquakes have occurred lately at Etna volcano, the largest one being today (Sun, 30 Oct. 05) at 3.7 magnitude Richter at 08h06 on the southeastern slopes near Pedara, Trecastagni et Nicolosi. Etna has been without eruptive activity since March 2005; new eruptions are expected within a near to medium future (months or few years, possibly less if the recent seismic activity is taken as possible precursor).

Sierra Negre volcano, Galapagos: report available
Sat, 29 Oct 2005, 11:32
The eruption of Sierra Negre continues with lava flows confined to the vast caldera; it does not pose risks to populated areas. In the meanwhile, a group of scientists from the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador have visited the site and posted a detailed report about the eruption's first 3 days: it can be downloaded here

United States
16.35°N, 145.67°E; summit elev. 790 m
All times are local (unless otherwise noted)

Anatahan has erupted almost continuously since 5 January 2005, when it started a new episode of vigorous discharges. A summary of satellite images during 16 June-20 July 2005 (BGVN 30:07) showed that it was one of the most conspicuous eruptions on the planet in 2005.

Eruptions somewhat abruptly ceased on about 3 September. Significant discharges remained absent through as late as 29 September. Activity described below through early September is based on an array of material from numerous sources, including the US Geological Survey (USGS), the Washington VAAC, the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA), the press, and the Emergency Management Office of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (EMO-CNMI).

Following the general discussions of activity, a report is included contributed by Setsuya Nakada from the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI), University of Tokyo, whose team of scientists made close-range observations of a distinctive eruptive phase called an ash-cloud surge from a helicopter on 24 August. On that day they documented the surge as a robust sub-horizontal plume slowly traveling over, and in contact with, the ocean surface.

Activity during August 2005. Throughout August eruptive activity continued, with plumes rising several thousand meters above the volcano. On 1 August and during 3-9 August the National Weather Service at Tiyan, Guam, issued numerous reports for the islands of Saipan and Tinian.

On 1 August a strong sulfur odor was reported by numerous residents, and ash was observed on aircraft at Saipan International Airport. According to a news article, flights leaving the airport were delayed.

A 4 August article published in the Saipan Tribune by John Ravelo was entitled "Engine trouble forces aircraft's emergency landing." What follows comes from the opening paragraphs of that article, describing events attributed to 3 August.

"An aircraft suffered engine trouble in mid-air early last night shortly after taking off from the Saipan International Airport, prompting it to return to the tarmac for emergency landing. The Ports Police said no one was injured in the incident. This happened as Saipan, Tinian and Rota remained under volcanic haze from Anatahan until last night . . ..

"The aircraft reportedly left the Saipan airport at approximately 6 pm. Minutes later, at about 6:15 pm, Ports Police on-duty airport supervisor Sgt. Greg Arriola said his office received a call that the aircraft was coming back due to 'problems with its left engine.'

"'The aircraft landed safely. Everybody was safe,' Arriola said. He refused to elaborate and name the aircraft, saying, 'we're still checking [on] the matter.'

"Arriola did not disclose the number of passengers aboard the distressed aircraft and where the plane was supposedly bound. The haze over Saipan has resulted in flight interruptions since Monday [1 August], temporarily stranding hundreds of passengers.

"According to the U.S. Geological Survey, volcanic ash threatens jets ... as it forms deposit in engines, restricts airflow, and clogs fuel nozzles. Minute particles of volcanic ash also contaminate aircraft's ventilation, lubrication, hydraulic and electronic systems. They cause erosion and pitting of leading edges of windshields and landing lights, as well as erosion of compressor blades."

The USGS and EMO noted that a seismic station on Sarigan, Anatahan's neighboring island 6.5 km to the W, recorded more than 40 earthquakes on 9 August, three of which had magnitudes of around 4. The seismic swarm began at around 0152 and occurred over the next eight hours. At around 0539, an M 4.2 earthquake occurred, and the National Earthquake Information Center traced the event to ~ 65 km NW of Anatahan.

Tremor and long-period earthquakes were recorded through 8 August. Later, an ash plume was detected on satellite imagery by the AFWA and Washington VAAC; it was at 5-5.5 km altitude extending approximately 220-400 km NW from the summit on 9 August. A Washington VAAC report that day was the 650th Anatahan report they had issued in 2005.

During the remainder of August 2005, eruptive activity continued and ash plumes rose to 6-8 km altitude. Volcanic tremor levels ranged between 20 and 65 percent of peak levels, and long-period earthquakes occurred sporadically. But, after around 0205 on 27 August, the seismic station went off-line. During 1-3 September activity continued, with ash plumes rising to a maximum of ~ 3 km altitude.

Eruptions halt on 3 September 2005. The USGS reported that based on remote-sensing data Anatahan appeared to have stopped erupting on 3 September (UTC), and initial data documenting that circumstance represented observations between 0901 and 2308 UTC. The earlier time corresponded to when AFWA last noted visible ash on a GOES 9 image. Ash could not be detected in satellite imagery through 1825 UTC due to cloud cover. A pilot report at 2308 UTC on 3 September indicated "no activity was occurring at the volcano." The Washington VAAC reported that no ash was detected in satellite imagery through 0025 UTC on 4 September under mostly clear skies. MODIS imagery at 0040 and 0345 UTC on 4 September also show no discernible ash being erupted under clear skies.

This was the first time that the USGS and the EMO reported an absence of volcanism on Anatahan since ash-bearing discharges started in early January 2005. Since then, tremor levels have been fluctuating, with occasional Strombolian explosions.

During an overflight the week of 7 September, USGS and EMO personnel did not see any ash emissions, only low-level steam-and-gas emissions. They noted that the crater floor was covered by sediment-laden water. In East Crater they saw an active geothermal system, consisting of mud pots, mini-geysers, and steam jetting from the crater walls.

Although volcanic seismicity was at low levels through at least 16 September, according to the World Data Center for Seismology (Denver, Colorado) a M 4.4 earthquake struck the Saipan region of the Northern Mariana Islands on 9 September 2005. It occurred at about 1301 local time, with the epicenter 80 km SSW of Anatahan.

Eruption observations, 24 and 26 August 2005. The following describes a 24 August helicopter visit to the vicinity of Anatahan, which included witnessing and documenting eruptive phenomena, but not landing. Photos were also taken on 26 August while passing well to windward of the island on a commercial airliner. The report was submitted by Setsuya Nakada, who was accompanied from Japan by colleagues Takeshi Matsushima (Institute of Seismology and Volcanology, Kyushu University), and Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (Volcano Research Center, Earthquake Reserch Institute, University of Tokyo).

They had hoped to recover GPS and tiltmeter data from stations on Anatahan, and to find, exhume, inspect, and repair any ash-covered instruments. These instrumental data span the important period starting from last year, an interval that could shed light on the behavior of the volcano and the magma system during the eruption. Geological inspection and petrological sampling were also planned.

Anatahan's seismicity changed from continuous, strong signals to undergoing intermittent pulsations around the morning of 23 August, and a large (M 4.8?) LP earthquake occurred at 2045 on 23 August. Judging from this sudden seismological change and the LP event, the USGS scientists monitoring the seismicity (Andy Lockhart, Randy White, and others) suggested suspending landing on the island for at least a few weeks.

The team decided to fly over the island without landing to assess the state of burial of their geodetic observation site. They spent about an hour in the air there (about 1000 to 1100 on the 24th) viewing and photographing the scene. Besides the pilot, the helicopter carried Nakada, Matsushima, Yoshimoto, and Juan Camacho (EMO-CMI).

During the 24 August visit, dense ash clouds issued very vigorously from the active E crater. The cloud and hung over the summit calderas, their SW rims, and swept out over the sea to the SW and W of the island.

The photographs and the impressions of Camacho and his pilot from visits in July and May 2005 suggested that the activity level was higher on 24 August. The flight disclosed an island completely covered with thick layers of both wet (dark and probably very fine) ash deposits, and fresh dry ones on the island's S slopes. The dry ones lay under the ash cloud. Green areas were restricted to spots on the outer slopes. Many gullies had begun to develop on the surface of the thick ash deposit.

The observers saw a dark eruption cloud (densely ash-laden) vigorously blasting out of the active crater. A heavy ash cloud hung over the island (figures 21 and 22). The eruption cloud rose to ~ 800 m directly above the crater, and it increased up to ~ 2,000 m over the W part of the island, where it became lighter in color. Darker, vigorous emissions also came from the east crater's W side or NW side, and less frequently from its E side. Though this may have reflected the complex circulation of air within the east crater, another possibility was that the active crater had widened recently, especially to the E. Two ash emission points may have developed inside the large active crater.

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