CONconspiracytheory facts.

From: Weatherlawyer (weathe...)

First off Mr Jones only applies his stuff to America. Empires were wrought by Nimrod soon after the Noah-Flood as Canaan and satan began to weave their plan to do what they can in time for Armageddon

This is because of the prophecy: Cursed be Canaan. That is somewhat misleading as this prophecy was about the survivors of Armageddon and the cursed were as yet unborn.

We intend the curse to be for ever but we are not god. As far as I can tell banksters enjoy their work despite the fact the best work Jehovah intended Adam to do is producing Edenic Gardens. How many of them would he build in a thousand years with god's blessing?

One continuous one by now, I think. So where would he be going next week?

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