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> On July the first the cyclone that had been creeping up towards the Arctic Circle all June, finally got there:
> Now, as you know, the cyclone is out of place. The Shaqqats or disgusting thing, is about to cause desolation. This is in keeping with the very first book of the bible where Jehovah asked Job if he had entered the storehouses of snow, reserved for The Day Of War.
> Guess what the Arch Punster, Jesus Christ, said about TDOW:
> Pray that the day of war will not be on a Sabbath. You have to admire the old man. He could be quite funny.
I want to encourage you to wake up but if you insist on being Woke I can't do anything to help you. Doubtless you have been keeping abreast of my posts on Again I can't help you, the old man made it clear not to waste time feeding pearls to pigs.
Six hours later the Earthquake swarm off Bermuda that had been building all June is desolate along with the arc of anticylonic saddle. The H 1021 Millibars will produce an interesting Volcanic Eruption (being so far out of place so to speak.) When the storm breaks.

Here are the rest of the charts so far:
Breaking Noon 1 July with thunder fronts forming.

What happens when the ice comes out of solution so high in the Arctic Circle is that the winds take them around for another draught. They may even go round twice and more. Sunday will be interesting. Pity I can't reproduce Forecast charts. I should get my computer back by then. I hope they managed to fix it. It's been a PITA managing without my bookmarks and settings.
Oh dear me this stuff is going around and round AGAIN! One to tell the grandchildren this is.

Search and see where Dual High 1019 and 1021 end up producing a baby. We must have had some before. In the last 4 or 5 years ince President Trump closed Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to the CIA/FBI clowns. Look for eruptions 80 degrees from them.

998 is Etna again. Someone remind me where 999 is. Iceland was it?
If I am right I am offially claiming the holy spirit was helping me, so call it an act of god at last.

When I started doing this stuff I had no idea where it was going to take me, I only knew I would clear Jehovah's name from acts of Satan.
If I could.
I can die happy now.

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