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On Sunday, 18 April 2021 at 14:29:51 UTC+1, Weatherlawyer wrote:
> Today's volcanism is a complex interaction from a residual Anticyclone with a base on the Icelandic High that is an hold over from the unnatural conditions developed over the previous week:
> The slovenly development of the Greenland High will ensure the oscillation reverberates over the Davie's Straight for the first few days of this week. Which will go to show that whoever is in charge of the North Atlantic, has not had any serious training as a Meteorologist.

This was a completely unusual set up with he usual angelic instigation bypassing nothingness completly I wish i had collected all the forecasts next time I think I shall try:,52.98,172
Normally Atlantic Eruptions depend on Atlantic hurricanes before their instigation. This time the heat supplied was cultivated high in the Arctic.
Have we had many tropical storms lately? another busy spell you would be wise to follow it this time instead of waiting for me. You could explore Gab but I still have not set a group up there

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Today's volcanism complex... by Weatherlawyer on Apr 18th, 13:29