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I am not too sure I want any part of this Listserve buisness
About 2 years or so, back I wrote to this college about the Frequency of the moon in 5.5 Magnitudes and they cut my stuff off at the knees. About 6 months ago almost exactly the same thing appeared from another source.

Of course their stuff was all based on archived material so the quakes they were referencing were 5.0M whereas I was using the same thing but not corrected thus my signals read 5.5M.

It turned out that the quakes were bases on Lunar effects and the pauses were due to something else entirely, though I had arrived at the Beaufort scale to equate tropical Storms with volcanic eruptions. But ever since that paper I have held myself back from the fake scientists.
Who would blame me. One does not give to dogs what are ones own pearls, after all does one?

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