Background earthquakes

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Why 5.5?

The moon swings above the earth 12 hours a day.
The moon swings below the earth 12 hours a day.
The rest of the time it is near one of the horizons.

This affects the Seismic background and explains why most days the quakes fail to reach above 5.5 Magnitude.

The background is around 5.0 statistically because the initial power of earthquakes tends to be reduce by 0.5 as distant stations report to the USGS.

I want to help people to prepare themselves for earthquakes, it is no use me waiting for statistic, is it?

So what of the larger bumps?
These are due to the weigh of the solar system interfering on the background. this is the n-body problem. Teach yourself what that is. I think it is one of the most beautiful things in the universe

This is the key to the universe, that a single planet can be measured out of the background of the rest of the others. I don't feel clever about any of this, that I have solved the problem Newton could not.

I just feel bloody stupid!

Any child in the class of 1679 (three and a half centuries ago when Newton released the Principia) could have weighed the planets in the solar system and them by extension any arm of the galaxy and from that all the universe..

And we would have been exploring the moon rather than fighting to take slaves from and then to the new world.

>Newton originally applied the idea of attractions and repulsions solely to terrestrial phenomena. In 1679, after he embraced the concept, another application was suggested by Hooke's analysis of planetary motion

Newton to correspond but mentioned an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of Earth:

let a body be dropped from a tower; because the tangential velocity at the top of the tower is greater than that at the foot, the body should fall slightly to the east.

He sketched the path of fall as part of a spiral ending at the centre of Earth. This was a mistake, as Hooke pointed out; according to Hooke’s theory of planetary motion, the path should be elliptical, so that if Earth were split and separated to allow the body to fall, it would rise again to its original location.

Newton did not like being corrected by Hooke, accepted the point; he corrected Hooke’s figure, assuming gravity is constant. Hooke countered that gravity decreases as the square of the distance.

Newton had derived the relation more than 10 years earlier. Elliptical orbits mean inverse square attraction to one focus—one of the two crucial propositions on which the law of universal gravitation would ultimately rest.

A cosmic application for Newton’s concept of force and an explanation of planetary paths employing it. In 1679 and 1680, Newton dealt only with orbital dynamics; he had not yet arrived at the concept of universal gravitation.

It's all beyond me but I can see where the songlines go. So can anyone else if they just concentrated. Now the question is why did it have to wait for an idiot when it has been trample by every empire that ever existed. They must have had the concept by the time of Daniel even by Solomon.

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