Legend of the Red Dragon Annual Turkey Shoot!

From: ~DudeMaster ([email protected])

-=-=- Come one -=-=- Come All -=-= To the Thieves -=-=- To the warriors
-=-=- To the wizards who dabble in magic! -=-= A call to arms has
begun!! -=-=

FidoTel Proudly Sponsors another "Annual Lord Turkey Shoot"


An incredible dragon statue goes to the one who is victorious!!!

The Tournament will start the morning of November 22nd, and will end the
morning of December 6th (Eastern Time).

May the Victor enjoy their spoils!


Q: What is a Lord Turkey Shoot?

A: Lord is a very popular online game called Legend of the Red Dragon. You
can read more about it here:
It's available here at FidoTel, and it's free!!! You shouldn't even need to
purchase any software to play,
simply telnet to FidoTel or use our Fidotel Surfer Software to connect!
Click http://www.fidotel.com/public and click on the telnet button for more
details on connecting using

Q: I see two Legend of the Red Dragon games in Menu A. Which one is the

A: The regular ongoing game is option "B". The tournament, which is only
started and stopped on specific
dates is option "K".

Q: Will the trophy cost ME anything to ship?

A: Nope. FidoTel will pay for all shipping costs, as long as they don't
exceed $20.00 US. We shipped one
to Australia a few years ago, and that wasn't even quite $20.00.

If you have any questions, simply goto FidoTel and find my Email (won't post
it here because of sniffers)

Warmest regards,
FidoTel Online BBS
Virginia Beach, VA
Fidonet: 1:275/311
ftp://ftp.fidotel.com (mailer port 22)
Front End Mailer over IP: fidotel.com [5190]

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