***The End Of Self-Denial Through Non-Traditional Income?***

From: Jeffrey Bruce ([email protected])

Multitudes for the first time are realizing their dream of being in business
for themselves and earning non-traditional income.

Could the brick and mortar earning model that we have known for over a
generation be going the way of the dinosaur?

There are now more options than ever regarding how we can gain our

On the job front, unemployment is on the increase and
allegiance between employers and employees is on the decrease.

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, you can't help but pay
attention to the present climate of
economic irregularity that currently prevails.

In this day and age, ordinary people from all over the world are
graduating from working for an employer to
self employment. Many of these start-up enterprises are succeeding due to a
wide range of opportunities that are now tangible because of the continued
advances in Technology and the World Wide Web.

There are many resources today available to teach you
how to become self employed.

We have to learn to overcome the fear of; failure, success, and the unknown.
Through this we must build a foundation within which is firmly established
in confidence and consistency to enable us to succeed by ourselves.

The entrepreneur spirit must prevail now more than ever before!

Non-traditional income is a mindset that has to be realized within your
thinking before you can see success happen through your business venture.

Our level of financial or personal achievement in life is largely based upon
our mindset and what we really believe internally.

When you turn your attention inward, you may be
astonished at what lies beneath in regards to your internal map of thoughts,
emotions and belief systems. Do they support or go against your decision to
strike out on your own?

Written by: Jeffrey Bruce

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emotional freedom to fully embrace and live out your dreams, claim your
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