Need help with acm driver error

From: ECLiPSE 2002 (mchd89...)

I have been trying to use Free Sound Recorder's recent updated version
and it won't function. Each time I attempt to record, I get a ACM
driver error. I have searched the internet for fixes and all advise
going into Device Manage >Sound and find the acm driver and right
click on it to reinstall the driver or upgrade, or roll back.

One problem - I don't find acm driver listed anywhere in Sound. Yet if
I search for it I find numerous .acm files in C:Windows\system32 ,
including, msacm.dll, msacm32.dll and msacm32.drv and a host of them
also in Service Pack files?

I have no problem listening to audio files and videos on my Win XP SP3
pc. Can the problem be with the Free Sound Recorder software?

Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.

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