OEM Conference Mics - Chinese Conference Mics Manufacturer

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OEM Conference Mics - Chinese Conference Mics Manufacturer

Conference Microphone WebSite Link:

China GuangZhou TianTuo Microphone Manufacturing Co., Ltd WebSite:

Microphone Products are: Wireless Microphones, Conference Microphones,
Headset Microphones, and Lapel Microphones, interview microphones,
wired microphones, musical instrument microphones, drum microphones,
teaching microphones, recording microphones, computer's USB
microphones and microphone accessories and So on.

T'nB - ACDI033623 - CONFERENCE microphone tab
http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Conference-Microphones.html le stand
T'nB home > &nbspaudio-video accessories > &nbspMicrophones >
&nbspCONFERENCE microphone table stand > New products Audio Video
transmitter Chargers Batteries Earphones Fl

at screen support Headphones Adapters Antennas and Amplifiers Cables
and connections http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Conference-Microphones.html
AV Car Cleaning Digital Camera for iPod GPS Home Cinéma Microphones
Remote controls Remote controls body guard Remote controls holder
Rewinders Speakers Transformers TV support UHF range Wireless
headphones CONFERENCE microphone table stand New product U

niversal table stand for wireless and cable microphones.
Specifications ?Folding tripod with non-sli
http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Conference-Microphones.html p,
rubber feet.?Height adjustable from 13.5 cm to 16 cm.?Weight: 0.20 kg.?
Standard 15 mm dia. thread.?Microphone and clip not supplied.To set up
your microphone, we recommend using the T’nB microphone

clip ref ACDI033647 (for a microphone with a
http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Conference-Microphones.html maximum
diameter of 35 mm) or the T’nB microphone support ACDI033630 (for a
microphone of 22 to 25 mm in diameter). Ref.: ACDI033623 Colour:
Chrome Barcode: 3303170033623 1 View high resolution picture PDF

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