Re: Eating Full-Fat Cheese Won't Raise Chance Of Heart Attack, Study Finds

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> On 5/9/2017 5:10 PM, Shovels Ready! wrote:
>> CBS Local — Pass the cheese, please. While it may not be the
>> healthiest thing in the world, a new study claims that full-fat
>> dairy products is not as bad as once thought. Eating full-fat
>> cheese, milk or yogurt does not increase the risk of a heart
>> attack or stroke, according to a study published in European
>> Journal of Epidemiology, via Guardian,
>> The study was an in-depth analysis of 29 prior studies that
>> looked at the link between dairy products and risk of
>> cardiovascular disease or heart problems. Their findings were
>> such that these dairy products have a “neutral” effect on those
>> areas.
>> “This meta-analysis showed there were no associations between
>> total dairy, high- and low-fat dairy, milk and the health
>> outcomes including all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease
>> or cardiovascular disease,” the report reads.
>> Experts from Europe coalesced for this research. A pair from
>> England, one from Denmark and one from the Netherlands were in
>> on the study.
>> “There’s quite a widespread but mistaken belief among the public
>> that dairy products in general can be bad for you, but that’s a
>> misconception,” said Ian Givens, one of the researchers. “While
>> it is a widely held belief, our research shows that that’s
>> wrong. There’s been a lot of publicity over the last five to 10
>> years about how saturated fats increase the risk of
>> cardiovascular disease and a belief has grown up that they must
>> increase the risk, but they don’t.”
>> The government, though, still suggests watching dairy
>> consumption.
>> “Dairy products form an important part of a healthy balanced
>> diet; however, many are high in saturated fat and salt. We’re
>> all consuming too much of both, increasing our risk of heart
>> disease,” a spokesman for Public Health England told Guardian.
>> “We recommend choosing lower-fat varieties of milk and dairy
>> products or eating smaller amounts to reduce saturated fat and
>> salt in the diet.”
>> The researchers stand by their report.
>> “Our meta-analysis included an unusually large number of
>> participants,” said Givens. “We are confident that our results
>> are robust and accurate.”
> So, once again the government nannies tell you to live the way they tell
> you, even though studies show there is no benefit.

The dairy industry paid off a politician.

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