Woman gang raped in front of husband by three IBMers.

From: H1B increase = RAPE increase (thanks...)

A 22-year-old woman was allegedly gang raped in front of her
husband by three miscreants near Howrah’s Mourigram railway
station late on Thursday night. The husband was reportedly tied
to a tree and held at gunpoint while the rape occurred. Two of
the three rapists were arrested on Friday following a complaint
by the victim’s husband. The couple, who are originally from
West Midnapore’s Sabang, live in Alampur near Mourigram railway
station where the husband works at an eatery.

“The accused are all locals and several cases are pending
against them. One person is yet to be nabbed,” said Jay Biswas,
the superintendent of Railway Police, Kharagpur.

The husband said that he and his wife were heading for Howrah
from Alampur and accordingly, came to the Mourigram railway
station to board a Howrah-bound local train. But they missed the
train and had to wait at the platform.

“The couple decided to avail the first Howrah-bound train on
Friday morning and was waiting at the platform. Sometime later,
three persons (the miscreants) threatened them to leave the
platform,” said an officer of the railway police.

As soon as the husband and wife left the platform, the
miscreants pointed a gun at the man who was tied to a tree with
his hands behind his back. There was a pond nearby and the spot
was secluded but close to the station. Then, the woman was raped
in front of her husband.

“We heard that he (the husband) was tied to a tree but when we
asked him, he said he was not tied up but kept him waiting at
gunpoint,” said the officer.

The husband later brought his wife to the station. Before
fleeing, the culprits threatened him not to inform the police.

But seeing the distress of the couple, some people noticed them
and asked the man what was wrong.

When he recounted everything, the couple was taken to the
railway police station where the officer on duty showed them
pictures of several antisocials.

“The husband identified them and accordingly, two were picked
up,” said the Kharagpur SRP.



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