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The Educational Voyage Portal- Homework Help, Classroom Management, Free Lesson Plans

The Educational Voyage Portal

This web site posting is in response to those of you who have posted inquiries on various educational methods, multiculturalism, educational technology, lesson plans, homework help, and web sites.


The Educational Voyage Portal is a big source of educational links in all subjects (lesson Plans, homework help, classroom management, free worksheets, core knowledge, constructivist theory, multiple intelligences, distance learning, reading, math, sciences, social studies, technology and computers, educational psychology, ESL, special needs, etc) for teachers, students, and parents.

There is an opt-in newsletter to provide timely, insightful articles
germane to today's educational arena, plus highlights of new links added to the web site.

I am also very pleased to announce that we now have our own Web Board.
You can post professional questions to fellow teachers and student teachers. We will be able to set up international conferences via group chat. Please subscribe and be patient, it will take a while for a group membership to grow.

Please check it out at:


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