Volume Level Equalizer for PC Audio OUTPUT

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Gerrrr.... I need a utility that would equalize the audio *output* to
my speakers for ANY audio input from my system's sound card.

I am talking about something like *iVolume* for *iTunes/iPod* that
uses the "Sound Check" feature to equalize the volume-level (dB level)
for all songs on my iPod. This allows me to listen to music *without*
having to adjust my volume between songs recorded at a high volume and
those recorded at a lower volume. That is, I can listen to ALL music
at one volume setting.

The utility would have to work like this:

[PC Sound Card] -> [Sound Card drivers] -> [Player] ->
[*Volume Equalizer Utility*] -> [System Speakers]

I have been given many suggestions but all are for specific sound
cards OR specific players, none of which work for what I would like to

My above scheme would work regardless of sound-card or player. It sits
between your system-output and your speakers. I suspect that the
utility would have to have a delay-buffer to analyze the input-sound
and adjust the output dB to the speakers.

Anyone know of such a utility?

If NOT, developers out there... here is an opportunity. I would pay
for such a utility (if well written of course).

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