Lifestyle Unlimited: the real cost of membership

From: (cool_d...)

I listened to their infomercials for years on radio and then I finally booked their workshop in Austin. There, they basically repeated the same pitch that I had heard on radio. But, I thought $500 for 2-yr membership was not a big deal, so I paid it and "joined" them. I was told to register for a 2-day seminar in San Antonio since that would be the very first and a must do thing before any new "member" can get started with their program. So, about 2 weeks later, I went to San Antonio to attend that seminar. Toward the end of the first half of the second day of the seminar, they told us, to be full member with assigned mentor and other privileges (can't think of any!), we must pay $10,000 for a year or 2-yr membership! Everyone was mad, but no one said anything. On the second half of that day, only a few people came back to the class. And of the large group, none joined. I suppose I could write the DA or OIG Office to complain. My basic complaint would be they did not tell you the real cost when you paid $500 to join. And the refunds are only available within 3 days, if you cancel the membership--whereas the workshop that will tell you the real cost won't happen at least 2 weeks later. Too late for refunds!! But it's probably better to help other folks from making the same mistake I made to write my review here first...

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