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"whyzard" <[email protected]>:
# ...have you ever thought of extending the tarot beyond 78 cards

I like the concept of Tarot extension and style it Tarot philosophy
to consider how and in what mode this extension might take place.

the number of cards is valuably deconstructed into its component
parts like this:


this harkens out from the card game atop which the Occult Tarot
was painted; its original card was "The Excuse" and is apparently
unrelated to the Joker included in numerous playing card decks;
extending this to more than a single card is *very* unpopular.
its modern exponent of note is nagasiva, whose BLANK approximating
the Blum rune, substitutes for the Fool in terms of the EXCUSE,
but facilitates the use of the Fool as a Trump in a "Fool's Journey".


the 21 were shifted to 22 to accord with the Hebrew alephbeth, but
some occultists don't understand that as yet;
it might certainly be and has been extended to greater numbers,
ostensibly with more letters in the alphabet (e.g. Hebrew 27,
English 26, Sanskrit ~50).


the 40 Numbers depend upon a 1-through-10 sequence and designation
of 4 suits (4x10=40);
extension here rationally requires the addition of a suit, which
the Plebeian Tarot of nagasiva and others probably have (50 Numbers).


again deriving from suits and from early game canvas origins settles
into a 4x4=16 configuration (the Queen added to Tarot decks);
extending this would be easy if adding *either* another Court (x4)
or a suit (thereby adding as many Courts as are accepted; again,
the Plebeian Tarot adds both an additional Court *and* Suit, so
thereby extends this to 5x5=25; supposing that Suits relate to
Elements, six(+)-element systems might produce other numbers.

# to include your joke tarots? they shouldn't replace the
# sanctity of the original cards,

the original cards might be identifiable in some kind of gaming
or history of art sense, but the Occult Device called 'Tarot'
is an ever-developing novelty making "original cards" meaningless.

# rather then augment and improve the stuffy old 78....

in early game history there's some variation in both name (from
"Cards With Trumps") and form (variable Trump number, some don't
get hierarchical identification, but rely on familiarity); your
identification of 78 cards is definitely traditional and popular.


r B
o l b
n e e
w s a
o s s
d e t
e d !
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50050125 aa-viii om Happy Lunatix!

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