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在 1997年2月4日星期二UTC+8下午4时00分00秒,Rene Geeraerts写道:
> Need for waste zeolites with not acceptable structures for your clients.
> Product to absorbe odour from a low-cost end product.
> Reply by fax 32 (0) 75 21 18 or e-mail [email protected].be

Gold APP Instruments (; Corporation China is a high-tech company specialized in laboratory and analytical instruments making, such as BET surface area analyzer, surface area and pore size analyzer, gas pycnometer helium true density analyzer, high pressure and high temperature gas sorption analyzer, sample preparation degasser and so on for particle, porous, powder and fiber materials by measuring methods BET surface method, Langmuir surface, t-plot, BJH pore size, pore volume, pore size distribution, MP micropore, SF, HK, DR, DA micropore and mesopore analyzing.

Tel.: 0086-18210009838
Skype: Gold-APP-Instruments
Yahoo Messenger: [email protected].com
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