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On Sat, 2 May 2015 22:44:09 +0700, JJ says...

> If by "not taking resoures", you meant not to take CPU time as much as
> possible, then you can start the batch file in another command processor
> process as a low priority process using START /LOW. e.g.
> @echo off
> setlocal
> if not "%InLowPriority%" == "" goto start
> set InLowPriority=1
> start "Backup Batch" /b /low /wait cmd /c %0 %*
> goto :eof
> :start
> rem put backup batch code here
> rem
> rem e.g.
> rem copy sourcefile z:\destfolder
> rem contig z:\destfolder\sourcefile
> Note that running a process in low priority only make use less CPU
> processing share. It doesn't make it use less CPU time. i.e. it'll always
> run at full speed whenever the system give CPU time to it.
> If you want to make a process use less CPU time and not run at full speed,
> you'll have to use third party file copying tools that can limit its file
> copying speed. Or a utility that can limit a process CPU usage. e.g. BES but
> it can't be automated by command line.
> Also be aware that the CPU usage of a file defragmentation process can not
> be altered since it is handled separately by the kernel. It always runs at
> full speed and can not be limited by tools like BES.

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