Learn the Science of Meditation. Online.

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Learn the Science of Meditation. Online.

Sing the Song of the Soul! Excellent for improving intuition for sports and all round self-development.

Yes, you do get beautiful MP3 files with this course, plus wonderful slide
shows and numerous other enlightening material - from articles to graphics.
This is a comprehensively structured course that goes for a year.

Next intake is now open and course commences 1 September 2004. Last
semester (March to August 2004) attracted over 150 students).

All materials are free and for the keeping, which you can use in your own
classes as well.

This is a free community service, provided in the spirit of service.

It is best to have a good email account which accepts large files of approx

Subscribe by using: meditation2004-[email protected]-ahead.net

The course covers Yoga Philosophy and Practice

Vision and Purpose:

1. Learning the deeper aspects of the science of yoga as they relate to
our daily lives, including philosophy and practical applications.

2. Learning basic meditation skills for discovery and cultivation of the
wholistic relationship between body, mind and spirit essential for
meditation and yoga. Personal teaching of practices requires consultation
with a teacher which can be easily arranged and is also free of charge.

3. Sharing of experiences, challenges and triumphs in yoga practice and
deep meditation.

4. To grow and become more aware through the practice of meditation and
yoga asanas (postures).

5. To provide a nurturing sentiment to assist in spiritual awareness and
service to the world.

E-mail (course co-ordinator): meditation-[email protected]-ahead.net

Basic yoga philosophy. Based on the 8-limbed system of Yoga

* Yama - external moral/ethical discipline
* Niyama - internal moral/ethical strength
* Asana - yogic postures
* Pranayama - proper breathing
* Pratyahara - withdrawal of senses from the external world to
internalise your consciousness for meditation
* Dharana - concentration, or extended mental focusing,
fundamental to yogic meditation
* Dhyana - process of meditation, the principal practice of
bringing your mind to ideate on Oneness
* Samadhi - experience of unitive consciousness so as to feel
inwardly one with the feeling of Infinite Peace

Also teachings and practice of basic support tools and skills for growth on
all levels:

physical, mental and spiritual.

Subscription address:
meditation2004-[email protected]-ahead.net


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