Re: Need Batch File to Copy ONE File Then Pause... One File Then Pause

From: JJ (jj4pub...)

On Fri, 1 May 2015 19:47:28 -0500, AlleyCat wrote:
> Possible? I have some very large files to copy from one disk or partition to
> others (I'm a backup fanatic), and I don't want the copying process to be
> taking the resources while it's copying. Plus, I'd like to defrag the file
> after it's copied to the "new" location. I can incorporate that myself, but the
> copy of one file, is above my pay grade.
> I can do all this overnight, but would like to do it in real-time too.
> Any consideration will be most appreciated. Thanks.

If by "not taking resoures", you meant not to take CPU time as much as
possible, then you can start the batch file in another command processor
process as a low priority process using START /LOW. e.g.

@echo off
if not "%InLowPriority%" == "" goto start
set InLowPriority=1
start "Backup Batch" /b /low /wait cmd /c %0 %*
goto :eof
rem put backup batch code here
rem e.g.
rem copy sourcefile z:\destfolder
rem contig z:\destfolder\sourcefile

Note that running a process in low priority only make use less CPU
processing share. It doesn't make it use less CPU time. i.e. it'll always
run at full speed whenever the system give CPU time to it.

If you want to make a process use less CPU time and not run at full speed,
you'll have to use third party file copying tools that can limit its file
copying speed. Or a utility that can limit a process CPU usage. e.g. BES but
it can't be automated by command line.

Also be aware that the CPU usage of a file defragmentation process can not
be altered since it is handled separately by the kernel. It always runs at
full speed and can not be limited by tools like BES.

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