Re: cuisinart dlc-10 vs dlc-8

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On Monday, January 15, 2007 at 7:27:35 PM UTC-5, [email protected] wrote:
> anon wrote:
> > I'd appreciate some help in choosing between the Cuisinart DLC-10s (Classic
> > 7cup) and the DLC-8s (Custom Pro 11 cup). The classic is on sale for about
> > $95, and the Custom Pro is about $160 at Costco.
> I just saw a episode of America's Test Kitchen where they reviewed the
> Pro11 against the Kitchenaid of similar capacity. They reviewed the
> Kitchenaid slightly ahead of the Cuisinart, but reversed the rating if
> mixing bread dough was important. In the preamble to the rating they
> essentially dismissed all the smaller units largely on their ability to
> do clean cutting when chopping vegetables and the larger as overkill.

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