What happened to this egg?

From: Donna (donna....)


I was making meringue for chocolate pies this afternoon. As I separated the
whites from the yolks, as usual I inspected the smell and appearance when I
opened the egg. Nothing seemed wrong.

However, when I walked away to cook the yolks into the pudding, upon
returning to beat up the whites for the meringue, I saw this white glob
settled to the bottom of the bowl of egg whites It was about two inches
oval and perhaps 1/4 inch thick. Gross. I tasted the rest of the whites,
and that tasted all right. But the white glob tasted bitter. Yuk.

Of course I threw the whites all out. (I guess we'll use whipping cream on
the chocolate pies.)

What was this glob, and what caused it? There was no bad smell or
appearance with the yolks.

I have been cooking for 40 years and have never seen this before. :-/

Thanks for any information.


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