internet subscription services

From: araknid (nospam...)

Has anyone noticed that web subscription sites that offer some
matginal service such as "genealogy", "ancestry", "stamps", or the
infamous "real" demand that you subscribe via a credit card that they
charge each month for their "servfice", whether you use it each month
or not. Have you also noticed that , in order to cancel the service,
they require that you call them by phone? That's done so that an
innocent little operator will have the opportunity to ask why you are
cancelling and will make last minute offers like free months, or
enhanced service if you decide not to cancel. In other words, they
want a chance to talk you out of it. If you fail to call them to
cancel and, as I did, &simply cancel the credit card they charge, they
will continue attempting to charge your card and continue to bill you
for their service. They know that most people don't want to be
confronted about their decision & don't want to explain their decision
to concel their srvices. Smart cookies, these operators. So, if I
consider subscribing to another web service, I consider only those
that offer the ability to cancel via the same web site that took the
original subscription. So far, this has worked very well for me.

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