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Business Owners, Real Estate Investors,
Business Brokers And Entrepreneurs!"
Locating Financing For
Your Projects Just Got Easier!

Investment Grade Developer receive up to 98% or higher on development
Construction loan


Save time, money and unnecessary phone calls. Most importantly, get
results. Stop dealing with brokers and jokers regarding your financing
needs. Let a true professional help you. I can really can help you!
The choice is entirely up to you!

If you are seeking commercial financing of $5,000,000.00
(Five Million Or More) and you have a project that is ready for
immediate funding considerations, we can help you and help you fast!
You can't afford to place something as important as your commercial
financing needs in the hands of a novice! You have no idea where your
information may end up and most importantly, whether they can actually
facilitate a closing. You don't have to.

We Can Assist You With Financing For

Mobile Home Parks, Hotels & Motels, Purchases, Office Parks, Equipment
Financing, Real Estate Development, Inventory Financing, Resort & Marina
Financing, Expansion Financing, Class A Office Buildings, Venture Capital
Sources, Real Estate Portfolio Financing, Church Financing, Apartment
Financing, Equity Partner, Accounts Receivable Financing, Oil And Gas
Exploration, Business Acquisition Financing
Technology Financing, Equity Related Loans, Syndications, LBO/MBO
Recapitalization, Venture Capital, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Child Care
Facilities, Manufactured Housing, Golf Course Financing, Self Storage

Obtain Terms Like These:
High LTV's up to 98% financing on qualified properties with 10% Cap
Rates or higher!
High LTV's up to 98% financing on qualified properties with 10% Cap
Rates or higher!
Non-Recourse Financing Available for qualifying properties
Receive Valid funding proposals within 15 -20 days
30- 60 Day closing!
Conforming And Non -Conforming Programs available

Pre payment discounts on qualified transactions
Income Producing Real Estate
Is Our Specialty!
We only ask that you submit an actual financing project that is ready
for immediate consideration. We will personally contact you to access
your financing needs within 48 hours of your Submission.

Thank you,


[email protected]

Thank you,

[email protected]

Thank you,

[email protected]

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