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To keep or use free over the air digital TV after February 2009 you will
need to get a Digital TV converter. I've seen so many commercials about it
I figured I would look into it further. It appears if your TV doesn't have
a built in digital converter and you use over the air (rabbit ears) to get
your signal or ever plan to (for that cabin in the woods) you NEED to buy a
Digital Converter Box. The government is offering every home in America 2
$40 coupons you can apply for. I've been looking around where you can use
the coupons to get a free DTV box and haven't found any places yet, but I
did find a site that has both the coupon information, how to make sure you
get it (wink), check the status of your coupon (it takes a few weeks) and
most importantly places you can use the coupons online. Check out and do a search for "converter". It will bring up
all the links you need to get a box for cheap (to apply for the coupon start
by clicking on the Red TV). I would say keep looking around, but the people
at said that if any go for less or hopefully become
available for free they will post immediately. I guess they are checking
daily..makes it easy for us. I think there is a way to do the searches
straight in the DealFandango URL, but didn't have time yet to figure it out.
I'll post here if I can figure it out. I just bought a box for $13
delivered which seems like a sweet deal. Let me know if anyone can beat
that, I have another coupon and TV I need to support. Viva Free TV!!!


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