[cam.misc] Re: Parker's Piece lighting trial and consultation

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Subject: Re: Parker's Piece lighting trial and consultation
From: "Espen H. Koht" <[email protected]>
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Roland Perry <[email protected]> wrote:

> In message <[email protected]-tosh.home>, at 09:42:10 on Thu, 31
> Jan 2013, Duncan Wood <[email protected]> remarked:
> >>>> Come and look at the path through Cherry Hill Park in Ely (it's the
> >>>> approach to the Cathedral from the river direction). There are
> >>>> photo-cell powered LEDs set into the tarmac, which are fine for
> >>>> finding your way in the dark. They aren't intended to read a
> >>>> newspaper by though.
> >>>
> >>> That style was deemed not to provide enough light. There is something
> >>> similar at Brown's Field Community Centre
> >>
> >> Enough light for what? Along with nearby street-light pollution it's
> >>plenty to stop people wandering onto the grass.
> >
> >Presumably enough light to ensure that only their preferred choice will
> >meet the spec.
> What exactly is the specification?

Apparently it has to come in the form of a bollard, because Cambridge is
the bollard capital of the western world by all appearances. Absolutely
awful and visual pollution of the worst kind. One has to wonder if
somewhere in the bowls of the council there is a bollard conspiracy and
those behind it have just noticed that the open spaces in the city have
yet to be assimilated.

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