Altsoft Xml2PDF 2009 is now available

From: Altsoft Xml2PDF (xml2pd...)

Altsoft Xml2PDF 2009 is a .NET-based formatting engine for converting
various page layout formats into print-ready documents. Available as a
freeware UI or commercial .NET API for server use.
The new key features and improvements are:
*Principal refactoring and optimization.
*Essential improvements in XSL-FO, SVG, XTHML and Word 2003, 2007
support (including improved tables and floats formatting algorithms
and new fonts support technology);
*Complete HTML (including new features of CSS 3.0) support
*DOC input support
*SVG output support
*XAML output support (integration with WPF)
*digital signatures in PDF and XPS
Also new intermediate AltDOC vector format is provided. It allows to:
*edit and merge formatted documents, add new elements to them;
*temporary store the formatted documents ready for saving in any of
output formats;
*create PDF, XSP, PS, TIFF from scratch using all power of Xml2PDF
formatting engine.

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