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What is Tradwars:

Tradewars is an old text-based BBS game with ASCII graphics. The basic
idea is to travel around space trading different goods (Fuel Ore,
Organics, and Equipment) while avoiding the phasers of other players.
As you get more money, you can upgrade to more cargo holds or upgrade
to a different ship with better weapons. Meanwhile you can build up
planets to have their own citadels and defenses.

Getting Started

Once connected, log in and start a new character. You'll be asked to
name your character, your ship, and your planet. You'll start out on
your planet. Here you can see how many thousands of people you have
working on producing each of the three resources (Fuel Ore, Organics,
Equipment). You can see how much they're producing of each per day. At
any time, you can hit ? to see the one-letter commands available to
you. Hit Q to blast off from your planet. Now, to make some money! You
should see some neighboring sectors listed. If there's not a port in
your home sector, key in one of the neighboring sectors and your ship
will go there. Look around until you find a port. Each port is either
buying or selling each of Fuel Ore, Organics, and Equipment.

All games are unlimited play and there is never any charges if you
would like to have you're own custom game made simply send me an email
with the settings you would like to have and I will set it up.
Telnet port 23 Synchronet BBS
Telnet port 1969 will bypass the BBS
[email protected].com

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