Silk Lampshades for Antique Lamps

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Along with so many traditional arts and crafts, the art of lampshade
making has almost slipped away and just like a custom made garment, a
quality, antique, table lamp calls for a lampshade of the same

In the demanding world of high end interior design, a lampshade must
be fitted proportionally and exactly as an inch or two the wrong way
can make or break a look. Carefully measured, hand made work
guarantees the harmonious marriage between lamp base and shade.
Lampshades can be made in many materials with silk being the fabric of
choice. For the ultimate in luxury furnishings, silk can also be used
to line a shade ensuring a professional and polished finish. This
sumptuous textile is available in an almost endless array of colours
and is the last word in elegance and refinement.
The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co provide a complete shade design
service with every detail discussed, from the choice of finial down to
the colour of the frame wire.
A full range of shade styles are available in any shape. Soft or
bonded, knife, box or diamond pleated, ruffling effects or for
something really spectacular, a double tiered shade to show off an
exquisite oriental lamp. The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co has a
reputation for striking original designs specifically tailored to
their one-of-a-kind table lamps.
The art of hand stitched lampshade making is alive and well at The
Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co!
You are invited to visit their web site at

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