Get rich fast using paypal.

From: mistermoose (bram.d...)

(this really does work)

That's Right $40,000 dollars in your PayPal account and that's NO BULL!

$10 Dollars!...That's all it cost!

To get started copy this whole page and paste it in an e-mail to edit
it. Simply follow the instructions below and in 2 to 3 weeks, you will
have at least $40,000 dollars in your PayPal account. Most people
respond to this program because of the low investment and high profit
potential. There is no limit to the income you can generate from this
because you can do it over and over.

If you follow the instructions, you will reach thousands of people!
Honesty, Faith, and Integrity make this system work. I think everyone
has heard of "PayPal". Anyone with an e-mail address can join for FREE!
So if you're not already a PayPal user, the first thing you need to do
is sign up. Either click the paypal link below or open another window
and copy the following link into the address bar, than hit enter and

Send a $5.00 dollar donation from your PayPal account to THE FIRST
email address on the list along with a note saying "Please add me to
your list".

Now send the SECOND $5.00 donation and email to the 5th person on the
list saying "Thanks I've joined. Please add me to your list". This
rewards the person who notified you about this opportunity and keeps
them up to date on the letters progress.

Remove the 1st email address from the list and move each address up to
the next position. Then, add your email address in the 5th position.
Next, put the word out got it, you will be receiving lots
of $5 payments for being in the 5th position.

This is a key factor to the success of this program, IMMEDIATE RETURN
ON YOUR INVESTMENT! When just two people join you get back your $10
investment! Everything after that is PURE PROFIT!

This two payment method rewards the first person for putting their time
into marketing this opportunity and it ensures that the newest addition
to the list will work just as hard! Teamwork at its Finest!

Here is the list:

1. [email protected].com

2. [email protected].com

3. [email protected].com

4. [email protected].com

5. [email protected].be

Next send out this letter until you get at least 20 "Thanks I've
joined" emails. The fifth person is the monitor of this list! When your
name is in the 1st slot, 8,000 to 15,000 people will send you 5
dollars! You get out of life what you put into it...and what goes
around comes around. That describes this opportunity in a nutshell!

Mary Gatters, Columbus, SC: I only have one thing to say to you... OH
MY GOD! I sent out 142 copies total before 20 replied, like the
instructions said. Then I went on a short vacation. When I got back my
account had over $32,000 dollars in it already and the money was still
coming! I'm still floating on air (especially with my new car). I
thought the 'guardian' system sounded cheesy, but now I realize it is
the formula that makes this letter really work! THANKS!

I know that you have seen this on Oprah, 20/20 or read about it in the
Wall Street Journal. You have probably received junk mail and currently
receive emails about this simple program, but just delete them. I know
I have! But this time I decided to give it a try. With the internet you
can speed this message around the world!, and it's only a $10.00

Wishing you Success & Prosperity!


P.S.- (Post Success!) If you're wondering if this really works, the
answer is YES! It worked for the people I sent $5 to so I could add
myself to the list. Even if it takes a year instead of a month to amass
the money calculated, it still only cost me $10.00! There are tons of
ways to get the word out. Will it take a little work? Defenitely! You
will probably have to trade your T.V. time for some time in front of
your computer. Watching T.V. can't change your life, but maybe...just
maybe, investing in your future will!

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