Secret Santa 2006 is on!

From: Santa Andrea (alexan...)

Happy Holidays to everyone! Email me at
secret_santa_andrea(AT) (remove AT and add @ when emailing)
with the following information by Sunday 12/3.

Dawn Secret Santa 2006 is on!
1)Your name and address
2) A Dawn doll you might like to have
3)A stock mini you need
4)A gown or outfit you need
5)An accessory you need
6)An outfit you could only dream of owning
7) If you wish for a custom or Checkerboard item, list it here

Abbreviated rules:
1) It is not necessary to send the person you are going to be Santa for
something off of their list, but if possible please try ( you will
really make someone's Christmas special).

2) Send something in the condition in which you wouldn't mind receiving
it. Nobody likes a beat up, thrashed, TLC item as a gift.

*3) This is the most important rule of all, PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH AND
to why it's not there on time, please! Just get it there!

4) Include a card with your name and email address, so you can receive
a "thank you" for making someone's Christmas special.

This is supposed to be fun. Please do not amend the rules. This has
caused a big problem in the past and Santa was not happy.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a good night!

Secret Santa Andrea ( and her elves)

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