Selling my beloved Here Comes the Bride Gown

From: Melanie (prince...)

Due to some expensive health issues I need to sell my Here Comes the
Bride Gown.

I don't really want to go through the painful ebay process so I am
accepting offers on it through email at: [email protected] That
is my ebay email account.

It isn't mint out of the package but it is in good to excellent
condition. There are some loose irridescent threads which keep it from
being mint, plus I was told the closures aren't original.

I bough this from Allesia in Italy, the lady who has all the HCTB

I'll be accepting offers on this gown up until Monday, September 25th.
If I get a good offer I may decide before then. Highest offer may not
necessarily get it as I want it to go to a good collector's home, not a
dealer who will turn around and sell it next week. So give it a shot.
I'll be responding back to everyone who emailed me next week.

Oh yes and better photos are coming!

Thanks for looking and bidding.


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