From: Jan Murp (janmrp...)

If you like getting free gift cards/paypal payments then this is the site for you
I have cashed out FOUR TIMES already and I am so close to cashing out again and it takes no time to reach payout and you get your gift card/payment very quickly.I got my amazon payment with in a few seconds.
They also have weekly and monthly referral contests and for each monthly and weekly they also give +5 random participants will receive 100 points each
Weekly Referral Contest (each Sunday through Saturday)
You can get 1st Place 750 Points , 2nd Place 500 Points , 3rd Place 250 Points
Monthly Referral Contest
1st Place 2,500 Points , 2nd Place 1,000 Points , 3rd Place 500 Points , 4th Place 250 Points , 5th Place 125 Points

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