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Agatha's son is Thos, Edwin is her stepson after she married Florence Craye's father.

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> > *Two cousins make qan appearence in the story of 24 cats in his bedroom
> when Sir Roderick Glossop comes over for lunch.
> > Who are these?whose sons?how cousins? Does anyone know?
> Claude and Eustace Wooster. Their mother is described as "Poor Emily". I
> assume "Poor" is not used in a monetary sense.
> We also have the mystery of Bertie's Uncle Willoughby. According to Bertie
> this chap "came down to breakfast one morning, lifted the first cover he
> saw, said egs, eggs, eggs, damn all eggs, and instantly legged it for France
> never to return to the bosom of his family". My guess is that Claude and
> Eustace were Willoughby's sons.
> Here's my guess as to Bertie's family tree
> Bertie's Grandfather, had three s's George, Bertie's father, and
> Willoughby, and two d's Agatha and Dhalia. By the way, as has been pointed
> out once or twice in this NG, Bertie's Grandfather could not have been Lord
> Yaxley (if he was then Bertie would be the Hon Bertram, and his Aunts Lady
> Agatha and Lady Dhalia).
> George did not marry until late in life after he had become Lord Yaxley
> (Indian summer of an Uncle), and we do not know if he had any children.
> Bertie had one sister (Mrs. Scolfield) living in India. Willoughby had twin
> sons (Claude and Eustace). Agatha had one s Edwin, and Dhalia had one s
> (Bonzo) and one d (Angela).
> Assuming Lord Yaxley did not have any heirs from his marriage to Maudie the
> barmaid, then our Bertram would one day become Lord Yaxley. The imagination
> goggles does it not?
> Merolchazzar

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