question about a Wodehouse story - a loose end not explained

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I recently read a story by Plum , entitled 'Ring for Jeeves'. (It might have been published under other titles too)

This is the story where Jeeves has a temporary leave of absence from B. Wooster and enters the employment of Lord Rowcester of Rowcester Abbey. His Lordship and Jeeves become book-makers (for several reasons) and end up owing a lot of money to a Captain Biggar.

Captain Biggar is a White Hunter from east of Suez. He is in love with a very wealthy American woman, Mrs. Spottsworth. But the captain's rigid code (poor person proposing to a rich woman is considered 'not playing with a straight bat', by his pals in the Anglo-Malay club in kuala Lumpur, or the Long bar in Shanghai. Tubby Frobisher, the Subahdar, Doc, and Squiffy, to name a few, would snigger if they hear about this)

The story goes through many twists and turns. However at one point, Captain Biggar says that he had presented Mrs. Spottsworth with a pendant many years ago, and he wants to borrow it (pinch it) for a few hours. So he enlists the help of Lord Rowcester.

However at a later point in the story, Mrs. Spottworth claims that the pendant was given to her by her late husband Mr. Spottsworth.

The story ends without resolving this anomaly. If any of you know the answer (from any other re-print of this story), I would like to be enlightened.


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