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On Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 8:00:00 AM UTC+1, Melissa D. Aaron wrote:
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> > Forgive me, but being neither horsey nor whippy, I have to ask just what is a
> > horse whip?
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> > Is a horse whip by any chance the same as a riding crop?
> I'm by way of being a bit horsy (have the ikky rubber boots in the trunk
> of the car to prove it) and a riding crop is a stiffish little thing about
> two feet long. You carry it, usually in your left hand, and while you
> *can* use it on the horse's flank if it's being especially sluggish, just
> carrying it in eyeshot makes your horse pay a lot closer attention. I
> *think*, but I'm not sure, that you have to carry one in dressage, along
> with dealing with those double bridles--I think, cynically, only to prove
> the rider's manual dexterity.
> A horsewhip (or at least the ones I know) have a long, thin, flexible
> shaft about three and a half-ish feet long; attached to that is the whip
> part, which is quite slender and braided. You can carry it if you're
> driving a team, or you can put the horse on a lunge line--a sort of leash
> for equines--and make it charge about in circles around you for exercise
> or training purposes. Either way, you wave it it vaguely near the
> business end of the horse, or crack it *over* it, so that, again, it pays
> attention. Horses are, of course, *much* too sensitive actually to come
> in contact with the thing, being delicate, highly strung beasts who need
> to be nursed along with mash and must never have their mouths pulled and
> need their hooves held. Actual horsewhipping, according to this school of
> thought, is reserved for erring humans.
> Apologies to the bootless, unhorsed and uninterested for this long
> explanation. and apologies likewise to the booted and horsed if I have
> inadvertently explained wrong.
> Gertrude Butterwick
> (who has compiled quite a list of Shakespearean horse quotes)

I believe that a gentleman is expected to horsewhip a bounder to within an inch of his life for a serious transgression. Reputable horsewhip manufacturers always provide models with the handle helpfully marked out in inches to facilitate this...

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