PC Telephone - why new users and awards keep coming, and what is so cool about it?

From: John Stoyanoff ([email protected])

Is it the next big hype of yet another VoIP phone? What is spurring the fast growth

and recognition of this internet telephony service? According to its loyal and new

users, PC Telephone offers so much more than any of its competitors, for much less.

These are the PC Telephone features that users love, and will never settle for less:

* Unlimited, free PC-to-PC calls over Internet - you can make and receive free calls

to/from other PC Telephone users over the Internet;

* Lowest priced PC-to-Phone calls and PC-to-Fax transfers - you can call regular

phones and send faxes to regular fax machines from your computer over the Internet;

* Highest audio and sound quality - the PC Telephone application and service are

professional grade, built with the latest advances in internet telephony technology and

highly optimized for all MS Windows platforms. You don't have to have to settle for

low quality just because you pay the lowest rates - no quality compromises!

* Cool and functional USB phones! PC Telephone works with a regular sound card

as well as USB phones. The USB implementation is built in the PC Telephone

application with no reliance on third-party drivers or APIs. Using PC Telephone

with a USB phone is just like using a regular phone. Plug the USB phone into the

USB port of your computer, lift the handset and dial a number - nothing to configure!

The PC Telephone Phonebar pops up automatically on your PC display. You can

even listen to music through your sound card while talking on the PC-Telephone

USB handset. PC Telephone is the first and only internet telephony software that

can operate with two or more USB phone devices connected to the PC simultaneously.

PC Telephone supports all USB phone models on the market!

* In addition to the services available on the regular phone networks like Call Answer,

Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Caller ID (CLIP/CLIR) and Audio Conferencing,

PC Telephone also offers its users innovative services like Call Transfer, Call Scheduling,

Call Accounting and others.

* Call Transfer/Forwarding from other PC-Telephones to regular phones and fax machines

and vice versa - you can use PC-Telephone as private branch exchange (PBX) between

the Internet and the public telephone networks (ISDN/PSTN). This way, you can have your

own gateway and make as many free long distance calls as you want to any regular phone

in the local area of your PBX/gateway!

* PC Telephone works behind LAN/NAT routers - you can make phone calls and send fax

documents from any PC connected to Local Area Network (LAN).

* PC Telephone is easy to install. It has a simple and intuitive user interface. A special toolbar,

Phonebar, allows for easy handling of incoming and outgoing calls.

With so many advanced features, low pricing, high quality and reliability, it comes as no

surprise that PC Telephone is gaining such an enviable popularity among small businesses

and individuals alike! After all, PC Telephone is developed and supported by a team of

dedicated professionals who have worked in the past on high profile projects for big

European telecoms, and who are using the PC Telephone product and services themselves.

Try it yourself! You will be proud and happy you did!

Use your favourite search engine and look for - what else - PC Telephone! Happy calling!-))


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