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On Wednesday, February 18, 1998 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Nepheus Spodei wrote:
> Well, after completing "The Inimitable Jeeves", "The Cat-Nappers", and
> some of "Right-ho, Jeeves!", I have noticed what isn't quite right (in
> my muddled brain) about the shows... I think they do a nice job of
> combining/splitting stories, but here's the problem: they make useless
> and stupid changes, for no reason whatsoever. For instance, the ship
> Claude and Eustace were supposed to be on is "Edinburgh Castle", but it
> was changed to "Pride of Natal" in the show. Why?! There isn't any
> possible reason for this! Ah, the stupidity of PBS sometimes... back to
> the old eyes and brain to read ALL the books... thank God for the
> library!
> John
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In "Comrade Bingo" they leave out the "Corday" in Charlotte Corday Rowbotham's name. Afraid of offending the French Communists perhaps?

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