Raymond Chandler, and PGW

From: DonH (donlhu...)

Oddly, I came across American crime writer, Chandler's book, "The Big
Sleep", and decided to buy it. Then went hunting for movie of same name,
starring Bogart and Bacall.
Actually, I've now rehd "Farewell, my Lovely", instead (Big Sleep,
later), and found it both fascinating and amusing - which brings us to PGW.
If you want an American equivalent of Wodehouse, then Raymond Chandler
might be apt.
Not that crime is so funny, but both authors use metaphor and simile as
basis for humour.
And both typify their respective cultures - at least of the 1930s or
Chandler has a direct, no-nonsense, style, of the hard-boiled private eye
type, and tends to metaphor moreso than simile (why mess about?).
Can you read Chandler for laughs? Yes, mostly.
Incidentally, both attended Dulwich College at age 12, but not at the
same time.

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