The End of Infinity BBS -- With Tradewars2002

From: The End of Infinity BBS GAM... (vicky....)

Hello I have Re-opened my Free 24/7 Gaming BBS!
We have alot of Role Playing and Empire Building games online right
now with more added all the time. Signup is Free and Easy there will
never be any cost to play or annoying ads to deal with.
Our server is fast and reliable with 16 games online! Most of our
games are oldschool bbs door games but if you give them a chance you
will find that they offer exciting gameplay.

I have A Registered Legal Copy of Tradewars2002 windows server
You will need to setup an account on the bbs and access it through the
games area!

There are currently 2 ways to access us via the internet.
VIa the WWW

DIrectly connect Via Telnet port 23

The sysop Tyro is always available to help you!


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