White House recruiting Navy's culinary specialists

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White House recruiting Navy's culinary specialists


{EXCERPT}, by Scott Schonauer, Stars and Stripes European edition,
Tuesday, November 9, 2004

NAVAL STATION ROTA, Spain — The Navy’s top chefs are in demand by the
nation’s top mess — the White House.

The Presidential Food Service Department is looking for culinary
specialists in the Navy to cook for the commander in chief and the
White House staff, according to a Navy news release. Forty-nine Navy
culinary specialists work in the White House, helping provide between
250-325 meals a day to the president and members of his staff.

The department is especially looking for culinary specialists in the
E-6 and E-5 pay grades, but E-4 sailors are encouraged to apply,
according to Master Chief Petty Officer Glen Maes, the department’s
deputy director and command master chief.


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