AT&T and Verizon Helped Bush Spy on Americans - Subject of Controversial New Documentary

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AT&T and Verizon Helped Bush Spy on Americans - Subject of Controversial New

A new documentary presents compelling first-hand testimony and whistleblower
accounts that punch holes in the official "war on terrorism" excuse that has
been used to dismantle the U.S. Bill of Rights and tip the scales of
executive checks and balance in this country.

Columbia, MO. March 6, 2008 -- Washington, You're Fired is a powerful new
film that features interviews and cameo appearances by prominent media
personalities as well as former Army Col. and State Department diplomat Ann
Wright, former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential candidate
Cynthia McKinney, Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Turley, USAF Lt. Col.
(ret.) Dr. Robert Bowman and many others.

Capturing the attention of disenfranchised voters from all walks of life,
Washington, You're Fired exposes the President's illegal spy program, the
loss of Habeas Corpus, and the destruction of U.S. privacy rights. In an
alarming message to the American public, this film also exposes how the NSA
is targeting peace groups and activists for surveillance at the direct
orders of the President. Even more concerning is the mounting evidence that
AT&T and Verizon assisted the Bush Administration in data-mining the daily
communications of EVERY person in the United States - seven months BEFORE
the 9/11 terrorist attacks had even occurred. In this film, AT&T
whistleblower, Mark Klein reveals just how deep the NSA rabbit hole goes.

Do Americans even know the names of the Bills that were used to exterminate
the Constitution? Chances are, the answer is no. Washington, You're Fired
is a chance for every American to play a serious game of political
"catch-up" minus the partisan punch lines. Bills such as the USA PATRIOT
Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the John Warner Defense Act have
crippled the U.S. Constitution and have weakened the liberties that
Americans once thought they could never lose. The loss of Habeas Corpus and
Posse Comitatus, coupled with a new definition of "torture" are just the tip
of the Orwellian iceberg. If enacted, HR 1955 will for the first time put
"thought crime" laws on the books, robbing citizens their right to freedom
of conscience thought.

From the National ID card controversy, to the atrocities committed in the
wake of hurricane Katrina - one thing is made perfectly clear in the film -
we need immediate political change in Washington or the liberties enjoyed by
the people of this country will continue to quickly disappear - possibly

Washington, You're Fired doesn't just drop the bad news and run. The viewer
is shown what to look for in a candidate for political office based upon
conduct and guidelines set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Does your
candidate measure-up? You might be surprised! The DVD comes with a full
color Do You Know Your Candidates Voting Record guide, detailing how
Clinton, Obama, McCain and others voted on draconian legislation that will
impact generations to come.

Don't miss out on a film that will undoubtedly shape the political landscape
for the presidential elections. Get a copy today and share it with


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