Interesting idea to get more content to your website

From: Sarah McLea (google...)

For month i was looking for a way to get much more content to my website for better income thru ads. Before i found the g(oo)gle (sc)rambl(er).NETI earned about 10 $ / month with ads. Now I get much more than 200 $ from e.g. doubleclick.

The Idea is to copy content, scramble it and put it on your website. With a random mix of HTML-tags you prevent google from kicking your domain from the index. I tested the g(oo)gle (sc)rambl(er).NETfor month now and all websites are indexed and I get 1000 visits per day.

The best is the howto for maximising your profit with the g(oo)gle (sc)rambl(er).NET.


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