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Major Hollywood movie studios have begun to realize the potential of
reaching a large number of prospective movie buffs through the
internet and have embarked on a move to utilize the internet with
greater intensity.
In a related development, key studios have begun to dispense legal
movie downloads over the internet. Without much difficulty, one can
download and watch movies on computers including 20th Century Fox,
Disney, Miramax, MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount, Columbia Pictures,
Lions Gate Entertainment, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures
Entertainment, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and many autonomous
film companies.
A number of US companies have launched a massive bid to get movies
into a digital design appropriate for download. Major players like
Sony, Universal and Warner Bros have embarked on a major endeavor to
have movies transferred into digital designs. is among the growing number of well-known legal movie
download services offering free movies and allowing users to choose
from a wide array of movies ranging from major studio blockbusters to
rare hard-to find classics.
A majority of movies can be downloaded in a manner similar in function
to the P2P networks. By paying a nominal fee, one can afford the
luxury of watching a DVD of superior quality without having to deal
with distorted images.
One of the most notable features of legal movie sites is the
impressive speed of movie downloads and the excellent quality of the

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