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In, Gerry Ford wrote:

> Attached is in image of my first attempt to make a spam filter. Is
> there free software out there that's better with this than OE?

As I don't use OE (can't with my operating system), I don't know of
third-party software for filtering. However, killfiltering by poster's
email ID is a fruitless effort. Spammers never (rarely) use the same ID
twice, so you end up with a huge list of addresses never to be seen
again. All that does is slow down processing time.

These days the overwhelming amount of Usenet spam comes from Google
Groups. Filtering all GG posts is a simple matter with a competent news
reader. Perhaps this site will help:

> Agent is not a correct answer.

...but it may be your only answer. Agent is a better newsreader, but not
as capable as some. The following *single line*, in the 40tude Dialog
"Scoring and Actions" file eliminates almost 100% of Usenet spam. (The
[*] means "apply to all groups.")

!markread Message-ID ""

40tude Dialog: downloads and FAQ are here:
and download from here also:
Author's site:

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