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> Karl Rove sat down with GQ for a surprisingly interesting interview,
> published online this week, in which the former White House aide makes
> it pretty clear that he has a grudging respect for Hillary Clinton,
> whom he holds in relatively high regard, and seems rather disgusted
> with Barack Obama.
> At one point during the lengthy discussion, Rove explained why he
> rejects the notion that Republicans will support Obama in fairly large
> numbers, and actually believes it's McCain who can win over Dems.
> Rove: There are Democrats, particularly blue-collar Democrats, who
> defect to McCain because they see McCain as a patriotic figure and
> they see Obama as an elitist who's looking down his nose at 'em. Which
> he is. That comment where he said, you know, "After 9/11, I didn't
> wear a flag lapel pin because true patriotism consists of speaking out
> on the issues, not wearing a flag lapel pin"? Well, to a lot of
> ordinary people, putting that flag lapel pin on is true patriotism.
> It's a statement of their patriotic love of the country. And for him
> to sit there and dismiss it as he did-
> GQ: You're not wearing a flag pin, Karl.
> Rove: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But I respect those who
> consciously get up in the morning and put a flag lapel pin on.
> GQ: Do you see the elitist thing in other ways?
> Rove: Obama is coolly detached and very arrogant. I think he's
> very smart and knows he's smart, but as a result doesn't do his
> homework.
> First, Rove is misquoting Obama; he never said "true patriotism
> consists of speaking out on the issues." Second, the right-wing
> interest in flag lapel pins just isn't healthy, and ends up backfiring
> when people realize that the same conservatives whining about lapel
> pins don't wear them - and neither does their presidential candidate.
> And third, to hear Karl Rove, after more than a decade of service to
> George W. Bush, accuse anyone of being "arrogant" and unwilling to "do
> his homework" is so spectacularly amusing, I'm almost amazed he's too
> far gone to appreciate the irony.
> But Rove's praise for Hillary Clinton is almost jarring. He seems to
> detest Obama, which apparently leads him to respect Clinton even more.
> At different points in the interview, Rove praised Clinton for:
> * the original "3 a.m." ad, which he called "gutsy"
> * hiring Mark Penn, whom Rove twice described as "a very smart guy"
> * her recent strategy of raising the specter of picking Obama as her
> running mate
> * and, compared to Obama, her record of having been "around public
> life a lot longer and has demonstrated, you know, more involvement
> than he has."
> Now, when it comes to Rove, it's easy to dip into over-analysis. Is he
> praising Clinton because he likes or her fears her? Is he trashing
> Obama because he's trying to undermine him, or is this some elaborate
> plot to help him get the nomination because Rove thinks he'd be easy
> to beat?
> Frankly, I tend to find this kind of tea-leaf reading a little
> tiresome, in large part because a) Rove's strategies are rarely
> sophisticated; b) Rove isn't nearly as clever as he thinks he is; and
> c) Rove, more often than not, is wrong.
> Nevertheless, it's an awfully interesting interview. It's worth taking
> a look.
> Steve Benen

I'm gonna keep my eye on turdblossom this time around. Remember, he was the
architect to bringing the neo-cons to power. How has that worked out for us
so far?

So if Rove endorsed a shampoo that made you unable to read the constitution,
unable to manage the business of governemnt, unable to prevail in a cynical
land and oil grab, unable to speak simple truths, unable to deal with
America's and Americans' problems, would you use it?


"That this social order with its pauperism, famines, prisons, gallows,
armies, and wars is necessary to society; that still greater disaster
would ensue if this organization were destroyed; all this is said only
by those who profit by this organization, while those who suffer from it
- and they are ten times as numerous - think and say quite the contrary."

~~ Leo Tolstoy

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Rove attacks candidate for being arrogant and lazy... by trudogg on Apr 3rd 2008, 17:49