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TAG Heuer replica watches - Fake Watches



In1860,Heuer Watches¡¯ founder Edouard Heuer set up his own small watch
making workroom at the small town St-Imie where is in Jura mountain in West
Switzerland. Edouard keens on sports and making accuracy calculagraph.
Because all kinds of competitive sports need accuracy, Edwouard designs
offer endless inspiration and these sports¡¯ essence is ¡°compete myself,
pursuit success, outstanding character¡± contained in his creations. There
is only one belief in Edwouard Heuer and his generation¡¯s heart, it is
making more accrual to the time measurement.
Edouard Heuer followed the simple principle of ¡°a watch should not contain
unnecessary details¡± in the design of wrist watch. Until today, Heuer
Watches style still can be identified. Thus combine correctly aesthetics,
technology and function to the wrist watch design.
Over 145 years, Heuer Watches took ¡°technology decides function, and
function inspires design inspiration¡± as core philosophy.
In 1930 launched typical Monza series which recalled to mind the famous
Italy racetrack. Its unique watchcase look like cushion and is equipped with
real cayman skin watchband, which make Heuer Watches to be the most typical
classical model that people is yearning for. Not long before, launched
copied Monza Calibre 36 which adopts typical design in the 1930s. It is
equipped cassette mechanism with 36000/h of balance wheel rate. It can time
exactly 1/10 second. Carrera launched in 1964 come from the most danger in
racing in history Carrera Panamerica racetrack Mexico racetrack. In design,
it pays special attention to the accuracy and clearness. It embodies in the
big timing button and watch cap. The streamline shell is considered to be
one of the classical symbols of Heuer Watches
Unceasing innovating technology and durable material and keeping improving
enable Heuer to keep closely relationship with much high level
competitiveness all the time from 1860.
In the fifties of last century, Heuer started to support famous race
drivers. In 1971,Heuer Watches started to cooperate with Ferriari team. In
1985, Heuer Watches started to support McLaren Team. In 1992, Heuer Watches
acted as F1 world first class equation race calculagraph that appointed by
In navigation aspect, Heuer equipped time instrument for the boat in order
to participate the American cup voyage exercises from 1970. In skiing
aspect, since 1989 Heuer is specially the calculagraph appointed by the
official in all American and Canada world cup of ski math and many important
world skiing match.
Heuer like many superior brands originally coming form European keeps family
management pattern since its establishment until the latter half of 20th
century. In 1985, Heuer cooperated with TAG (Techniques d¡¯Avant-Garde) and
started to use TAG Heuer brand, at the same time, it became a manufacturer
that contains high-tech background. In 1999, Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy,
the biggest luxury consumable group in the world, purchased Heuer Watches
that enable Heuer to be the fourth big watch group in the world.

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