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On Jan 14, 3:18 am, Gordon Sande <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 2008-01-12 17:51:14 -0400, Terence <[email protected]> said:
> > Update.
> > I checked over and over what happens when I select another google
> > group URL from all the groups i usually consult or post on.
> > Only this one and alt.lanng.asm have the double-screen initial
> > display.
> > After which the screens are stable for that Forum.
> > I am still trying to understand what the above posters mean about
> > direct access to User Groups without going through a Google interface.
> > How?
> > I use Opera by choice over the MS applications and Netscape, all of
> > which I have the latest versions. I need to be able to selectively
> > clear refeence and history out.
> Lets backup a few steps.
> Newsgroups use something called NNTP which is Network Newsgroup
> Transport Protocol, or something close to that name. There are
> specialized programs, that look a lot like email programs to users and
> they often are often bundled to add to the confusion, that deal with a
> NNTP source. The NNTP source is typically part of the service offered by
> an ISP. It used to be mentioned early in their ads but now it is often
> hard to find. It will be called news.city.isp.net if you subscribe to
> isp.net and they choose to localize traffic in city, or whatever arcane
> sequence of symbols the isp guru chose to dream up. The isp will be
> running a news server that both receives news postings from other news
> operators and sends them posting. The route from you to me is typically
> fragmented in the internet style which leads to all the technical
> difficulties of dealing with messages that may be duplicated and out of
> order etc. That is why the posting can be out of order and can have
> "echos" if one of the servers botchs the labelling so duplication is no
> longer detected. A side confusion is the NNTP uses different TCP/IP
> ports than other services like the web or email. The purpose of all
> this is that one copy of the posting arrives at the isp and can be read
> by many newsgroup readers. A mailing list would have to send separate
> copies to each reader at greater communication cost.
That's close but not %100. The mi5 persecution dude was able to post
without the benefit of anything nntp. I still don't understand how the perl
programming language can't catch a post, while OE chokes on some flooder's

> Google will be several layers away from the real NNTP service so all
> sorts of funny things can be going on. Get a nice NNTP reader and
> use the NNTP service of you local isp and things will look a lot
> cleaner. There are several open source newsreaders (ask Google!)
> although I use a commercal one on MacOsX. It is an online reader
> as I have a cable modem. I still like the offline reader that I had
> on MacOs back when the bleeding edge was 38k dialups. I have also
> had times when I used PCs and found that I preferred the commercial
> newsreaders there. I tend to prefer a well choosen set of useful
> features out of the box rather than an uncountablely large collection
> of arcane fetures with an awkward set of defaults which is all too
> typical of various open software offerings. Some open software follows
> the usability style so my tar brush is not universal. Gnome vrs KDE
> is a good example of this issue. Or Ubuntu comapred to other Linux
> offerings. "It just works" sounds real good to me so I can spend my
> time on other persuits.
> So much for ramblings on isps and newsgroups.
--->Apparently, google has a setting to buck the trend as far as quotation
is concerned.

This was a very informative posting Gordon, but it implies that one
has a constant drip-feed of data through an always-on broadband
Now, I've just got beyond dial-up, (which has its benefits), but my 1
Mbyte/s broadband (which delivers cable TV too) is only data-active
when I say so. A news feed also implies I must store the data I want,
whereas with Google groups I select and browse THEIR data base.

The point that still escapes me is that I suspected there was ANOTHER
url where I could go to see, with my browser, just "Comp.Lang.Fortran"
for example, without the Google framework and anonimity.
--->yeah, not so much with anonymity:

What amazing software google has! I think I'm gonna do a little recon on
Terence and fire up google earth for the first time.

I see the earth as you might look at Kansas city. I take the paw and move it
to Sydney. All of a sudden, it starts getting smart. It finds and marks up
the region to reflect political boundaries. I swear the image recognition
stuff started near Singapore, which is a good place to tell your ass from a
hole in the ground, if you're looking down on planet earth. You see the
software marking the edges of Austarlia in the second screen capture.

I then determined that Sydney was part of the least-populated hemisphere,
where the topology is determined by looking at the sphere at arm's distance
(Escher has a good one of these.). Your hand can manipulate the sphere.
You include Sydney and then the Hawaiian Islands. Then the Pacific. Then
you exclude Sydney, and find that this requires that you either include
China, California, or Rio. Widerspruch.

By now, the app has had plenty of time to talk to the mother ship, which it
does easily on a dial-up modem. I seem to have very responsive controls
what with the dingspumps on the top right, that also gives north. All of a
sudden, I'm jonesing for a globe, as I wondered, what's on the other side of
the earth from Sydney? You start playing with that control dingspumps and
find the answer. You start with sydney, press on one of the directional
buttons, and the globe starts heaving in that direction. After pi
revolutions, you're there, using any of the 4 buttons. I thought Minsk was
the antipode, but it appears to be Kiev. The revolotion through pi from
Sydney is shown on the last 2 screendumps.

As I write, I have an application in my tray that has been orbiting earth
along soemthing other than the ecliptic. It's amazing.

Reagan Revision

"We are being told that a competent, trustworthy president is someone
who brandishes his religion like a neon sign, loads a gun and goes out
hunting for beautiful winged creatures, and tries to imitate a past
president who, by the way, never shot a bird or felt the need to imitate

~~ Patti Davis Is Not Flattered by GOP Candidates' Pale Imitations of
Her Father

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