Re: For US Citizens Important

From: Tom Shelly, White God (Tom_Sh...)

Stay in the Netherlands then.

Who needs you.

Tom Shelly, White God

On Thu, 17 Feb 2004 23:35:25 -0700, steggy <[email protected]> wrote:

>For US Citizens Important
>For anyone who fits the shoe
>That is a Dutch means for who ever
>thinks it might apply to her. Yes "her", 50 273s off the
>list, the male population of this world. It also means: just
>for the person(s) who it is directed to. So not for the
>majority of you, I need to get something out of my boiling
>system. So there I go and I know I will build it up because
>I am totally angry now!
>I have had it assholes!
>1. I did not do anything wrong in my whole life so I am not
>on any police record!
>2. I have never "accidently" told anyone that I am a child
>molestor! Are you crazy??
>3. I am awaiting all your procedures to get me deported with
>a bag full of thank you's! Finally a way to get your eyes
>straight, I will sue the hell out of you because that is the
>American way OK?
>These accusations are totally outrageous. But made, yes I
>know that now. They are proof of the narrow minds and the
>sick souls that try to keep that mind in working order. Am I
>rude? Yes finally you can say I am rude, and I think I have
>every right to be rude!
>Get a life will you? Think before you start digging your pit
>holes and accusing people of something that filthy! No
>courage to mail me, no courage to talk to me here, noooooooo
>find a separate group and start your dirty methods there.
>Ha! And those are probably the same people who kiss the
>flag, Under God and are proud to be an American. SHAME ON
>YOU! You make me vomit, that is the least I can say.
>I do not want to have anything to do with these upgraded
>morons and I challenge them to make their dreams come true.
>If part of that is "making sure Peter is deported", be my
>guest please! Even Bill O'Reilly will have a good laugh out
>of that.
>My apologies to all the good willing, I hate this just as
>you do, but hey slowly but surely I found out the truth. Its
>probably because I do not work behind the screens. I am open
>and out, like always. Maybe the reason I got in this dirt
>anyway, but I have a hard time changing that. And believe me
>this info did NOT come from Amy or any other moderator. Dig
>deeper tabloid lovers. Your next challenge is here.
>What did I do wrong? I ventilated my opinion. That is about
>it. And this is the result, you start to wonder why people
>think Americans are strange........they are NOT, but this
>little weird group of idiots is making it very hard for
>people to think otherwise. I will eat you raw, like the
>Dutch herring. Sorry Emmy.

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